20,000 Chrysanthemums On Show

MORE than 200,000 chrysanthemums, made up of 800 varieties, are on show at the Gongqing Forest Park in Yangpu District as part of the Shanghai Chrysanthemum Exhibition.







The indoors exhibition area is divided into four sections.


Traditional chrysanthemums and rare exotic species from overseas are on display.


Historic paintings showcase China’s chrysanthemum culture and art.


Visitors will be briefed on varieties of chrysanthemums, and stories behind chrysanthemums.


Forty chrysanthemum arrangement works will showcase the theme of China’s 40-year reform.


Different colored chrysanthemums are set against a backdrop of fountains, wetland, islands, ponds, dawn redwood forest, flower pillars and lights, creating a large garden.


The outdoors display area will include 10 attractions.


Landscapes will use chrysanthemums and other flowers such as peonies, plum blossoms, orchids and cherry blossoms, to showcase scenes.


Flower landscapes presented by Shanghai Zoo features an elephant bearing auspicious meaning of good blessing, a giant panda symbolizing the mascot of the CIIE called Jinbao, and a white stone belt representing “Belt and Road.”


A flower scene by the Shanghai Guyi Garden uses traditional Chinese elements such as fans and perforated windows to showcase the artistic glamor of chrysanthemums and Chinese culture.


The exhibition will run until November 25.


Source: SHINE