Ye Olde Shanghai

Think back a long ways. Remember the time before cell phones? You could leave the house and it was just… you. You didn’t have your boss sitting in your pocket. Weren’t those the good old days?


Not really. All hail WeChat. But some of the photos from back in the day are pretty cool. Here’s a look back in time right before rocket ship Shanghai took off.


The Oriental Pearl TV Tower under construction


Nanjing Road like in the 1980s and 1990s, which is still one of the most flourishing business districts now.


A barbershop in Shanghai in the 1980s. At that time, barbers wore a white gown, which made them look like doctors, instead of the fashionable clothes the barbers wear now.


The Old West Gate


A traffic box in the 1980s in Shanghai


The inside of Big World in the 1990s


The opening of the first KFC in Shanghai


The wait for the line 26 bus on Changle Road


Boats plying the Huangpu River in the 1990s. Neither the boats nor the skyline were as luxurious as they are now.


Editor:Zhu Yan