Shanghai Marvels: The Space Kiss

The Chinese sci-fi and aerospace extravaganza blockbuster The Wandering Earth launched a new golden era in Chinese science fiction. It broke the box office here in China and across the globe, drawing the world’s attention to China’s real space technology. And the reality didn’t disappoint. Indeed, it exceeded everyone’s imagination.



In China, when the space vehicle docks at the space station, it is known as the ‘space kiss’. This certainly sounds romantic, but both the Shenzhou-8 and Tiangong-1 weigh 8 tons each and therefore impact with great force.



This makes everyone wonder, how does China’s aerospace industry succeed at this difficult task, which is considered “threading the needle in space”? The stories and rare shots of the Shanghai aerospace industry made exclusively by ShanghaiEye might just help you discover what you can’t find in science fiction movies- China’s wisdom.



The 70th anniversary of Shanghai’s liberation gives us a chance to look back on the incredible journey that has taken this city to where it is now, one of greatest metropolises in the world. These achievements did not come easily. They have relied on the ingenuity, determination, dedication and sheer hard work of doctors, engineers and scientists. This video and the other four in the series tell the stories of the incredible unsung heroes who have transformed this city.


Director & Editor: Zhu Yan