24-HR Gyms: Going for a Workout Like Visiting a Convenience Store

Going to the gym has become much more convenient since the rise of the 24-hour gym. In Shanghai alone, there are now about fifty of these gyms, and four of five major chains. Characteristic of the 24-hour gyms is that they have very few staff and no reception desk, and that customers can let themselves in whenever they want. This is very convenient for people who have long working hours or are not interested in taking any training classes. There are some downsides to this approach, however.


Since there is no staff to accompany them, customers need to know how to use the equipment in advance. Besides that, there is a safety issue for visitors who come at night. Still, this has not prevented the 24-hour gyms from becoming a dynamic force among the 46,000 gyms China already has.


Video Source: Money Talks