6th Shanghai International Science Expo Wraps Up Today

The popular Science Products Expo, held at the Shanghai Exhibition Centerwinds down today after a successful run which started on The 23rd Aug. and closes today. The show had over 2,000 exhibits displaying wares across the board of AI, AI and 5G. The products on show provided examples to the public of how technology is improving our lives. One of the highlights this year was ‘Air Screen Technology,’ which has already been picked up by some banks, car manufacturers and in some areas of advertising. Developers say one of the benefits of Air Screen Technology is hygiene since users no longer have to touch the screen to activate it thereby avoiding possible bacterial infections though public use. Another device on display was a ‘Digital Highlighter, ‘ a device that allows users to read a book in a foreign language simply by scrolling an electronic pen across the pages which then displays the translation to computer, mobile phone or tablet screens. The pen is already available in over 40 languages. Apart from translation, the digital highlighter can also assist with pronunciation for users wanting to learn new languages. Tickets to the Expo are on sale at 50 Yuan, so visitors are encouraged to come along and see what the future has in store.



Source: Shanghai Live, ICS