70 Years In The Making: A Profile Of China Through The Artists’ Eyes

A new exhibition focusing on the changes throughout various fields during the last 70 years opens at the China Art Museum in Pudong, September 18th. The exhibition will include displays of paintings, oil paintings, printmaking and sculptures to reflect the spirit of the city and the stories of Shanghai.




The exhibition is divided into three parts; the mission of Shanghai, the spirit of the city, and life in Shanghai. Well-known artist Zhang Peicheng, Luo Lingjun’s works will be shown in the exhibition.



Dance of the heart by Zhang Peicheng

Young dancers of Shanghai International Dance Center training.


The world’s first cloned monkey has been born in Shanghai.



Apart from the exhibition at the China Art Museum, other exhibitions featuring famous artists Wu Guanzhong and Shen Roujian will also be shown during the national holiday. As the organization that holds the most pieces of Wu’s work in China, the Shanghai Art Museum will exhibit over 100 of his works during the exhibition.


Shen Roujian, is also an important figure in the development of Shanghai modern art, and this year marks 100 years after the birth of both artists. Through the body of these artists’ work, you may be able to get a better understanding of the changes that have happened in China.



Editor: Zoey