A Baby Panda Waiting For A Name

The Shanghai Wild Animal Park is asking the public to submit names for a 10-month-old baby panda.


This female cub, nicknamed “Gongzhuzai” (Baby of Princess), was born on July 17, 2018 at the zoo. She is the 14th offspring of “Gongzhu” (Princess) who was 21 years old herself. This baby panda weighs 25 kilograms and is in good health.


People have been flocking to the zoo to see the cuddly bear in the past months. The interaction between this cub and her mother have thrilled visitors.


“I think she’s very cute, up in the tree scratching herself. She looks a little shy, refusing to climb down,” said a visitor.


The Shanghai Wild Animal Park wrote a “self-introduction” for the cub, hoping to get advice from the public.


If you want to contribute and have specific expertise, please log onto: www.shwzoo.com