A Bite Of Autumn In Shanghai Campuses

With the breeze of the autumn, many plants are changing their original colors, forming a new look for the city.




Where can you go to appreciate the view?


Parks are always a classic choice, but today we’ve got something new for you!




Here we list a number of universities in Shanghai. The views in the campuses are awesome beyond description.




Chrysanthemums in Shanghai University, maple trees in Shanghai Jiaotong University, sycamore trees in Shanghai International Studies University… Shanghai is full of beautiful plants, but the gingko tree remains the most popular one to be found in these universities.





The gingko tree has long been adored by the Chinese, not only for its impressive appearance, but also for its reputation of longevity. Even the plant’s fruit is a kind of popular snack in China.




Shanghai has a long history of cultivating the gingko tree, so it is no wonder we can find so many gingko trees in the campuses. The falling leaves’ beautiful colors draw students, faculty, and visitors from far and wide to come and adore them.



Editor: Lily