A Carnaval For Pet Lovers

The 22nd Pet Fair Asia, the “carnaval for pet lovers,” will be held in Shanghai on 21-25 August.



With 14 halls and 185,000 square meters of exhibiting space, the 22nd Pet Fair Asia is number one in the world when it comes to exhibitions for pet supplies. More than 1,600 exhibitors and 65,000 professionals are expected to gather in Shanghai, showing a rapid and significant shift of the industry’s interest towards Asian markets.



Apart from the events for professionals, there will also be some interesting events for pet lovers.


CKU Champion Dog Show


CKU Champion Dog Show is the highest-level dog show in China. As an official and authoritative competition of a  great scale and influence in China, it is also the most anticipated official and authoritative competition in FCI Asia Pacific.



ICE Cat Show


The 22nd Pet Fair Asia will include the international Cat Expo (ICE), the domestic top cat show. The show has 10 rounds. International judges hold the competition, more than 200 of the world’s top cats join the show, their total value exceeds 10 million. It should not be missed!



CKU Dog Olympics


CKU Dog Olympics includes many fun competitions for dogs, such as swimming, diving and steeplechase. Dogs can show their specialty in the competition.



CKU Groomer Qualification Test


CKU Groomer Qualification Test is a highly recognized qualification test in the industry. It provides a display stage for professional practitioners and will bring a visual feast for professional audiences.



CKU Groomer Team Competition


This will be the first time CKU Groomer Team Competition holds at Pet Fair Asia. The competitive challenge of multiple teams will reach the highest level of the pet grooming industry.



Editor: Bonnie Lu