A Chinese-Western Cultural Feast

The 19th China Shanghai International Arts Festival (CSIAF) runs until November 19th, presenting a total of 45 theater productions from home and abroad.


Among thousands of music performances, the Art Space of CSIAF lasted for 12 hours but it was an adventure for classical music lovers.



There is a plethora of traditional Chinese cultural performances, including the Prince of Pipa himself, Yu Bing; but the festival is not limited to one style. It is after all an international one, welcoming art and artists of all different cultures.




The jazz stylings of I’Auguste Quartet exemplify this spirit of openness perfectly.


The musical form of jazz represents a blend of cultures, all over laid with individual performers’ improvisational skill, and Alain Bédard and his quartet are each masters of the form.



ShanghaiEye secured exclusive interviews to take you behind the music at the festival.


Director: Xue Guanpu

Cameraman: Li Lianda