A Cultured 2019 With Peking Opera House


In 2019, theater fans can go to Shanghai City Theatre to see a performance of Shanghai Peking Opera House. Located in Minhang District, Shanghai City Theater finished renovation and reopened last November. In the first half of this year, seven performances of Shanghai Peking Opera House have been finalized.



Shanghai Tian Chan Yi Fu Theater, as the center for Peking Opera performances is under renovation for a better theater experience, so during the overhaul, all the Peking Opera performances in 2019 will be moved to Shanghai City Theater.



Since most of the audience is senior citizens, if they choose public transport, they can take Metro Line 5 to Chunshen Road, and there will be a shuttle bus to take them to the theater.



Moreover, although the theater has changed, the ticket price still is same as at the Tian Chan Yi Fu Theater. People can choose to buy tickets right at the Shanghai City Theater box office or on the official website of Tian Chan Yi Fu Theater.



A bunch of great Peking Opera awaits in 2019, so get out there and soak up all the culture!



Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan