The British Museum On Your Commute!

The British Museum is one of the top in the world. Its permanent collection numbers around 8 million works, among the largest and most comprehensive in existence. The only downside of such a wonderful museum is that it is a bit of a trip away, all the way in London.



But the wonders of the British Museum are now more convenient to see than ever. They are just a subway ride away. In fact, you don’t even need to get out of the subway station!


The South Shaanxi Subway Station in Shanghai has seven of the British Museum’s iconic works. It runs from July 11 to 31. You can see the wonders of the ancient world. Everything from paintings to chess pieces!



How’s that for enriching your commute!





PS: If that is not enough, a limited edition metro card with the artworks displayed will be issued at the end of July so you can cherish the memories.



Editor: Yolanda