A Movable Museum Along Route 20

Have you taken Route 20 recently? Have you noticed any changes?


Shanghai Jiushi Group said that from today, all the buses of Route 20 will be equipped with old photos of several classic bus types. Each compartment will show a frozen historical moment and Route 20 will become a moving “bus museum”, allowing passengers to cross back to the bustling streets of old Shanghai.



On March 5, 1908, the first bus route of Shanghai was operated from Jing’an Temple to the Bund, which marked the beginning of modern public transportation in Shanghai. The 6.04-kilometer-long tram route was the predecessor of Route 20. Route 20, with a history of 111 years, has seen a century of considerable changes in Shanghai’s public transportation.


Route 20 on Nanjing Road in the 1960s


Route 20 on Nanjing Road in the 1990s


Source: Knews

Editor: Tang Jinyuan (Intern)