A Polish Love Letter To China

“Man Zou” (màn zǒu, 慢走) is a popular Chinese phrase, which people say when seeing their guests off. But Izabella Kaluta was inspired enough by this phrase to make it the name of her book.



Izabella Kaluta is a well-known Polish writer working for the Polish Book Institute. She is also a huge China buff. She first came to China in 2007 and fell in love with this country. Since then, she has traveled a lot throughout China and taken thousands of photos. Though she doesn’t know much Chinese, she learned Chinese culture by exploring books and asking others.


Photos Izabella took many years ago, “China did change a lot”.


Travelers always write something about their travels, but Izabella has gone much further. When she came back to Poland, she was eager to share her experience in China. When she noticed the children she was teaching were fascinated with tea and Chinese characters, she got the idea to write a book.


Izabella has a workshop in Poland, teaching children Chinese culture.




The book explains elements of Chinese culture. It’s not the end of her exploration in China. She came back months later. As she said after the interview, “It’s hard for foreigners to understand the complex Chinese culture. We need more time.”




Editor: Zoey