A Rainbow On Rails

China Railway has just gotten much more colorful with some new additions to their high-speed train family. These shiny new speedsters will be carting people all over the country, and maybe even you might be in one someday!


Let’s learn a little more about them, shall we?


Warm Blue 蓝暖男: CR300BF


With a general capacity of 613 people (that’s 48 in first class and 565 in second-class seating), the CR300BF moves people at a maximum of 250km/h with low energy consumption even at its highest performance levels.







‘The Hulk’ 绿巨人: CR200J


Depending on its configuration (long or short), the green CR200J (referred to as ‘The Hulk’ due to its hue) has a passenger capacity between 720 and 1102 people at a go. Top speed? 160km/h.






Airliners On Land 超长长长陆地航班


Imagine a train that could shift 1283 people in ultimate comfort at an incredibly fast top speed of 350km/h. You’re picturing the state-of-the-art CR400AF-B and CR400BF-B, both of which simply float along like airships on rails.





Got your ‘Golden Ticket’? 大长金


Since July 1st of this year, long-form CR400BF-A ‘Revival’ trains were running the Beijing-Shanghai corridor, and in the upcoming Spring Festival rush of next year, will be configured for maximum capacity to take on the influx of passengers. Making sure that everyone can get home in time for the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, they’ll be moving at the top speed of 350km/h.



Source: 上海发布
Editor: Victoria