A Theatre That Brings The Past To The Present

For big fans of Peking Opera, here’s one place that you absolutely must check out. Shanghai’s only ancient performance space, the Pei Yu Ge theatre, is located in Bao Shan district. At 300 years old, it’s a classic venue for run by famous Peking Opera performer Wang Peiyu.



The ancient theater building is a fully wooden structure with carved beams and a very unique “algae well” dome decorated with an algae pattern over the auditorium. This ceiling provides great acoustics for the onstage performers, providing a natural sound field described by Wang Peiyu as “the excellent place of original ecological opera”.



In the coming months, a series of grand operas, from traditional masterpieces to seasonal performances, exhibitions of traditional culture and art and immersive experiences will be held here.



For an added bit of historic whimsy, theatregoers can ride a rickshaw to the theatre and then take part in activities like traditional face painting. The ancient theatre is hoping to open a new era for Peking Opera appreciation and enjoyment of traditional.



Editor: Bonnie Lu

Source: Tourism Shanghai