A Very Wet Welcome To The New Year

The first weekend of 2019 will be very wet with the mercury bouncing up to 10 degrees Celsius, forecasters said.


The conditions are a result of the combined influence of cold and warm air. Gray skies and rainy conditions are expect to last into early next week.


Wednesday was this year’s first working day after the three-day New Year holiday. Commuters hurrying to their offices yesterday morning felt the chill with the low staying between 1 to 3 degrees in most of the city. Suburban Chongming District recorded the lowest temperature of 0.3 degrees.


Thursday cloud cover will increase with slightly higher temperatures. The high will be 10 degrees with a low of 4. There is a chance for some scattered drizzle in the morning.


The warmth will remain tomorrow with the mercury ranging from 8 to 10 degrees, and the rain will make a comeback.


Saturday the rain will continue with both the high and low dropping by 1 degree. Skies will clear up on Sunday but Monday afternoon will see plenty of drizzle. Sunday will see a low of 5 and a high of 8, while Monday’s low will be 3 with the high rising to 10.


Source: Shine