A Walk Through The Past Of Huai Hai Road

When you are tallying up the most impressive streets in Shanghai, Huai Hai Road has to be on the list. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-Up and mark the development of the road, a unique exhibition titled “情‘迁’淮海路” is taking place downtown.



The exhibition is mainly focused on the renovation of the street and improvements of living conditions for the residents living along the street.



The exhibition presents the past, present and future of Huai Hai Road. Visitors can get to know the past of some of the famous buildings along the street and write down their expectations for the street.



The venue for the exhibition is another highlight. No 3, Lane 650 on Huai Hai Road was built in 1911. It is the former residence of Sun Yat-sen. The building has been reopened to the public for the first time after its renovation.



Venue: No 3, Lane 650 on Huai Hai Road

Date: Dec 18th, 2018 – Jan 18th, 2019

Time: 10:00-17.30 Tue – Fri

9:30-18:00 Sat/Sun

Closed on Monday


Source: Knews

Editor: Bonnie Lu