ShanghaiEye is the new media platform of ICS under the flag of SMG News, functioning as the international counterpart to Knews. It aims to construct a platform for telling Chinese stories with a global voice using high-quality video, show overseas users more about Shanghai and China, and offers integrated information and services for foreigners traveling, studying, working and living in Shanghai. It effectively fills the shortage of Chinese media in global and video communication with new media.

ShanghaiEye是SMG融媒体中心下ICS全力打造的外宣视频新媒体矩阵,是看看新闻的国际产品。其宗旨是打造用国际语态讲述中国故事的优质视频平台, 吸引海外用户认识上海、了解中国;同时向在上海旅游、学习、工作和生活的外籍人士提供一站式资讯与服务,有效改变国内媒体在国际传播新媒体领域视频传播的短缺局面。