#AerialShanghai: Fengxian District’s Fabulous Beaches And Blue Seas

Fengxian District is located in the southern part of Shanghai, 42 kilometers from downtown People’s Square and 30 kilometers from Pudong International Airport. To the north it faces Huangpu River and to the south sits Hangzhou Bay.


The district’s name translates to “worshiping the sage” in Chinese, a name bestowed on the area by a student of Confucius called Yan Yan who once taught the local people.


Fengxian District has 31.6 kilometers of coastal shoreline, is famed for its beaches and ocean resorts. “碧海金沙”(means “blue sea and golden beach”)and is a well-known place for Shanghainese to spend their weekends.


The history of human civilization in Fengxian can be traced back five thousand years, based on various Jianghai Liangzhu cultural relics that have been unearthed there. The district’s subsequent ancestors also left precious historical and cultural structures as well. For example, Tongjin Bridge in the Song Dynasty, Wanfo Pavilion in the Ming Dynasty, Peonies at Wu Bridge, Shitang in the east of Huating from the Qing Dynasty, as well as other cultural areas like Zhuangxin Old Street and the Monument of Martyrs commemorating the peasant uprising.


Check out this bird’s eye view of Fengxian District and find your memories in their landmarks!



Editor: Zoey