#AerialShanghai: Get To Know Burgeoning Minhang From High Above

Located in southwest Shanghai, Minhang District not only acts as a major transportation hub, but also connects the city’s past and present, touching upon every facet of life.


A number of cultural relics and ancient towns, which have witnessed the vicissitudes of thousands of years, still stand today welcoming everyone. Having experienced rapid economic development, Minhang also turns a hopeful face to the future. Many high-tech enterprises have settled here, including Intel China Software Center, and Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D Group, injecting diversity and creativity into the important industrial base.


Additionally, Minhang has rich educational resources, as lots of schools and universities are located in this area such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University and East China Normal University. Let’s get a brand new view on this diverse area from high above in our #AerialShanghai Series.






Editor: Wang Bo/Tang Jinyuan(Intern)