#AerialShanghai : Qingpu, From The Root To The Gate Of Shanghai

Three minutes and 22 seconds, 85 beautiful shots. From the National Convention and Exhibition Center to the Greenland Global Commodity Trading Hub to the Zhujiajiao Water Town and Dianshan Lake, you can truly appreciate the beauty of Qingpu District.



Zhujiajiao water town, located in the western part of Shanghai and the south-central part of Qingpu District, is known as “Shanghai Venice”. In 1991, it was listed as one of the four famous historical and cultural towns of Shanghai.



Dianshan Lake, located at the junction of Shanghai’s Qingpu District and Jiangsu province’s Kunshan Mountain, has a total area of 60.2 square kilometers. It is the largest freshwater lake in Shanghai. It is known as the training center for boating, dragon boating, sailing and other water sports in Shanghai.



Qingxi Country Park, located in the southwest of Qingpu District, has a planned total area of 22.35 square kilometers. With high forest coverage, the park is the only suburban park with wetlands in Shanghai.



Qingpu has so much to offer, so take a look at it from above!



Editor : Zhu Yan