After Renovations, Jiangwan Park Reopens To Public

The last of the old parks to be renovated in Hongkou District, Jiangwan Park reopens to the public today.



The updated Jiangwan Park keeps its original features, and is divided into three areas: the Cultural Entrance area, the Forest Area and the Leisure Area. Additionally, the park promises even better autumn scenery and now features climbing rattan flower racks and walking paths.



Jiangwan Park now also features a pond, creating a flowing movement and some light water sounds. This area of the park is where visitors can find flora like hydrangea, Lycoris radiata flowers and maple trees that will provide different colors depending on the season.


Fitness facilities at the park have also been renovated and expanded as well as toilet facilities. These upgrades will no doubt come as welcome changes for locals and tourists alike.



Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan