Ahead Of 90th Anniversary, Shanghai Concert Hall Undergoes Renovations

The Shanghai Concert Hall is closing for renovations starting from March 1st, with plans to re-open in January 2020 in time for its 90th anniversary. Renovations will include overhauls of the facility’s sound and lighting systems and stage equipment with some physical structure work to be done as well.




Originally known as the Nanjing Theater when it was built in 1930, then in the 1950s the venue became the Beijing Movie Theater where Chinese audiences were introduced to Hollywood blockbusters from 20th Century FOX, RKO and MGM. The Shanghai Concert Hall was given its current name in 1959 when it became China’s first concert hall.



After decades in operation, the Concert Hall’s walls and ceilings are cracked, with ornaments missing from railings. These aspects will be repaired along with the building’s marble staircase, roman pillars and colorful paintings. Despite time and toil, the show simply must go on!



Editor: Yolanda