Alibaba Unveils Chip Design Platform

Alibaba has unveiled a chip design platform to drive AI and digital transformation as the e-commerce giant’s chip subsidiary Pingtouge seeks to become chip infrastructure provider for AI and the Internet of Things.


Gartner Inc said in a recent research note that the number of connected devices might reach 40 billion by 2025 with 80 percent of them requiring the power of AI capabilities, which require stronger computing powers and a new chip structure.


The Wujian chip design platform claims to lower research and development costs by 50 percent and halve the chip design process.


Pingtouge was set up last September as the Chinese government urged local companies to develop home-grown core technologies.


Alibaba Cloud has unveiled major patterns for the adoption of AI to provide companies with guidance while shifting business focus and driving digital transformation.


Artificial intelligence could not only raise production efficiency but also unleash potential to allow data to play a bigger role in business decision making, according to a white paper released during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference.


By bringing scattered data and information together, it would also offer new insights and break traditional mindsets.


The e-commerce giant would also offer a tailor-made “system on a chip” platform for different industry sectors and application scenarios.


Source: SHINE