All Creatures Great And Small

Commencing Sept. 1st. new government regulations will affect dog owners in Shanghai with the intention of making for safer streets. Starting next week, all dogs going for a walk must be on a leash, and large dogs must wear a muzzle when taking a stroll.  The new regulations could be a boon to Shanghai’s emerging dog-trainers. Wang Junjie, the founder of Shanghai Kungfu Dog Training School is upbeat about his business, which he says has seen a big upswing in the last 4 years. When he opened his school, he had enrolments of only 6 or 7 a month, now he has around 40. Although not cheap, at least 5,800 Yuan a month, his school trains dogs of all sizes and shapes ranging from Labradors to Poodles and solves a lot of problems for owners ranging from disobedience to constant barking. Analysts however are skeptical of the future of this niche industry reporting that most pet stores in China only offer grooming services and owners are only splashing out on accessories or treats. Although there are improvements in the dog’s behavior when they receive proper training, most owners still view the service as a luxury. One suggestion is to introduce regulations to introduce standards for training schools to give owners more confidence to bring their pets.


Source: Money Talk, ICS