All The Colors Of Jinshan

A photographer Jiangzhi Juan filmed the 24 solar terms in Jinshan District:


Beginning of Spring


Rain Water


the Waking of Insects


Spring Equinox




Grain Rain


Beginning of Summer


Grain Full


Grain in Ear


Summer Solstice


Slight Heat


Great Heat


Beginning of Autumn


the Limit of Heat


White Dew


Autumnal Equinox


Cold Dew


Frost’s Descent


Beginning of Winter


Slight Snow


Great Snow


Winter Solstice


Slight Cold


Great Cold


Jiangzhi Juan, born in 1989, is a native-born Jinshanese. Every street and lane, every black brick and tile, every wooden door and window in his hometown are the source of inspiration for his creation. In the course of shooting, Jiangzhi Juan also feels the weight of human history and the daily passing changes of his hometown. He wants to dig and record the beauty of Jinshan as well as arouse more people in Jinshan to find the picturesque scenery around them through his camera lens.



Source: Shanghai Fa Bu

Editor: Tang Jinyuan (Intern)