An International Feast For Flower Lovers

The Shanghai Botanical Garden in Xuhui District will present a sea of flowers from March 28th to May 5th with the opening of the Shanghai International Flower Show.



Shanghai International Flower Show is the largest comprehensive flower exhibition in Shanghai, attracting participants from countries including Switzerland, Thailand, Denmark, France and Belgium.



The show will feature a courtyard display, a horticulture exhibition, diversified plant-related activities and 40 hectares of flowers, including peach blossoms, tulips, peonies and magnolias.



Shanghai International Flower Show has two main focuses for the first time this year, which are amaryllis and ranunculus asisticus, both featuring large petals and brilliant colors.



‘In A Tiny Home Garden’ designed by Swiss horticulturist Olivier Laboureur, there is an ‘insect hotel’ to keep the beneficial insects in the garden.



The ‘Small Bonsai World’ exhibition, located in the Bonsai Exhibition Hall, exhibits nearly 100 works of small bonsai and mountain weeds.



Spring is in the air, and Shanghai Botanical Garden is full of tourists. Bilingual guide services will be provided during the show so everyone can enjoy.



Sourcee: Eastday

Editor: Chi Yiting (Intern)