In Rememberance Of Yu Guangzhong: An Italian Teenager’s Nostalgia

Well-known Chinese poet, Yu Guangzhong, died on Thursday at the age of 90. Here’s his signature poem “Nostalgia”, read in an Italian youth’s voice.


Listen to what Tommaso from Italy has to say about his favourite Chinese poem “乡愁” and how he relates it to his personal experiences as a teenager living away from home.




When I was a child,
Nostalgia seemed a small stamp:
“Here am I
and there my mother.”


Then I was a grown-up,
Nostalgia became a traveling ticket:
“Here am I
And there my bride.”


During the later years
Nostalgia turned to be a graveyard:
“Here am I
And yonder my mother.”


And now at present
Nostalgia looms large to be a channel:
“Here am I
and yonder my Continent!”


Director: Xue Guanpu