Animal Park To Open At Night

Shanghai Wild Animal Park in the Pudong New Area is to open at night, with details yet to be announced.


Preparations are underway with discussions over animal behavior, lighting and how to ensure tourists’ safety.


The fierce animal area where visitors need to enter on a bus, will be closed at night, while big animal areas of lions, tigers, elephants and rhinoceros which can be reached by foot will be open, the park operator said.


The lighting will be dimmed for some timid and sensitive animals like white kangaroos and infrared observation is being considered, said Xu Yi, a landscape designer.


Animals’ eyesight will also be taken in consideration when installing lighting.


Some highly sensitive animals will be not open for visits at night due to their nature, the park operator said.


Roads are being adjusted, and enclosures will be added with steps removed to ensure safety.


The park operator is to remind visitors to avoid flash photography and to keep their distance from animals.


Source: SHINE