Autumn Pleasures, Fall Tips

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 distinct solar terms, and today marks the beginning of the ‘End of Heat’ or ‘Chushu’ (处暑). It is the 14th solar term of the year and will end on Sept 8th.


“End of the Heat” is when the autumn begins according to the meteorological definition. It implies most parts in China are getting rid of the hot summer and entering autumn. In South China, autumn is normally late in coming and people are still bothered by hot weather.
Here are some tips for what you can do during this time.
Enjoy Fall Colors
Regions around the Great Wall will enter autumn in early September and people can enjoy the scenery as it changes gradually from green to yellow. In the south, places like Shanghai will wait until late September to display the beautiful Chinese Parasol trees and Gingko leafs.


Autumn Weariness


There is a Chinese saying that “People tend to feel sleepy in spring, doze in summer and feel tired in autumn.” As the weather becomes cooler during ‘End of the Heat,’ many people will feel languid and weary. It is a sign that the human body needs rest, since people have consumed excessive energy in the summer. It’s better to get more sleep, do more exercises and keep plants indoors to help.


Eat More Fruit
‘End of the Heat’ is also the busy harvest season for farmers. Different varieties of fruit, such as pears, oranges and apples are in season now so it’s a good time for fresh vitamins.


Fish Season


During this period, the ‘Fishing Season Festival’ is held in regions along the coastline of the East China Sea in Zhejiang province. The festival is held on the day when the fishing ban ends and fishermen can start fishing again. People can enjoy many kinds of seafood during this period.



Editor: Zoey