Baby, You’re In The Grip Of A Very Cold Spell!

Shanghai hit -2.8 degrees Celsius yesterday in Xuhui, the coldest yet of the winter! There’s a yellow alert for frost in full effect, so be sure to bundle up. In Qingpu it even got all the way down to -5.4!



It’s making getting around town a little less convenient. Be careful on that bike. One sharp turn on an icy patch and you’re in for a nasty surprise. It might be a good time to take a break from Mobikes, at least for a couple days.



In the traditional Chinese calendar, winter is 81 days long, divided up into 9 periods of 9 days. We are now in the third period, and the third and fourth periods are usually the coldest times of the year. Certainly at the moment that is bearing out, but things are about to get a bit screwy.



The weather is a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment. The forecast says it will be back up over 10 degrees Celsius by the end of the weekend, and climb even a bit higher after that. Play it safe and keep your jacket on hand.


Editor: Xue Guanpu