Bakery Chain 85°C Called To Account


A popular bakery chain, 85°C, has been found to have been falsely advertising some of their products. Its “smoked chicken dried meat floss bread” and “spicy dried meat floss bread” were found to be made using dried meat floss powder in 43 of the chain’s Shanghai outlets.



The company was ordered to stop the illegal cost-cutting practice and fined 150,000 yuan (US$23,077) by the Fengxian District Market Supervision and Management Bureau. It’s just one case of the government looking out for consumers.



Other major brands such as apparel brand Under Armour, watchmaker G-Star RAW, baby formula brand Suprememil were all fined and found to have not lived up to their advertising.


World Consumer Rights day is coming up on March 15th. It was originally started in 1960 by US President John F. Kennedy, with a message to Congress. Now the concept has spread all over the world. The city government is pushing hard for a better life for its citizens through many channels, and part of that is making sure that the goods and services purchased here come as advertised.


Editor: Zoey

Source: Shanghai Daily/ Knews