Big Plans For Yangtze River Delta Tourism

Integrated tourism development in the Yangtze River Delta region will aim to make the entire region a world famous tourist destination, Shanghai tourism authorities said over the weekend.


Tourism activities involving cruises, recreational vehicles and high-speed rail in the region will be developed, and cross-city tour packages centered on urban life, cultural experiences, sports and fitness will be launched in the region, according to the Shanghai Tourism Administration.


The essence of Chinese culture and Jiangnan (areas south of the Yangtze River) flavor will be explored and several regional tourism projects will be developed around the riches of the Yangtze River, the Grand Canal, Hangzhou Bay, and a cluster of historical and cultural cities, towns and boutique Chinese bed-and-breakfast accommodations.


Cities and tourist attractions in the region will be encouraged to integrate and single tickets covering admission at major scenic spots will be developed.


A cross-region car rental system will be developed to improve travel experiences.


The establishment of tourist information centers at airports, docks, high-speed railway stations, and service areas of expressways will be accelerated to create an intelligent, convenient and unified regional tourist service network.


Source: SHINE