BridgeLife Creates Healthy Lifestyle Out Of Industrial Past

“BridgeLife”, a new sports & culture park, is hosting an opening carnival!



This park is located at the junction of Shanghai’s Baoshan, Jingan, and Hongkou district. Originally a Nissho thermos bottle interior factory, it has been renovated after more than 10 years as a public sports & culture park. To commemorate the Industrial Age, “BridgeLife” has maintained the original structure and style of the factory, preserving two huge 50m-high chimneys.



In the outdoor area, “BridgeLife” has also set up many different sports facilities and equipment, creating a healthy and lively atmosphere. For example, a 400 meter running track, a 400 meter fast walk track, a ping-pong table, monkey bars, and a slide have all been installed to offer more daily exercise choices for residents nearby.



Within the park, not only can citizens engage in traditional sports such as fitness and basketball, there are also other sports such as rock-climbing, diving, boxing, and golf. This ensures that visitors can find something that they fully enjoy and thus experience the charm of exercise.


Editor: Yolanda