Bundle Up: Cold Wave Hits Shanghai

Brace yourself for a blast of real winter weather! 


The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau issued a blue alert on Sunday, forecasting a temperature drop of 8 to 10 degrees Celsius within 48 hours.



Even though the rain will stop by Tuesday, the news isn’t all rosy, as the mercury is going to fall drastically, with morning temperatures set to be minus 1 degrees downtown, and minus 3 in the suburbs. Add that to the ice that will be forming on the roads and you’re going to have to be cautious as well as cold if you’re behind the wheel.


For the rest of the week after Tuesday, temps will drop even lower to minus 2 downtown and minus 6 or 7 in the suburbs, with people in the countryside being warned of severe freezing conditions.



Last Friday on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, it was Xiaohan, the time that indicates we are entering the coldest part of the year – and boy, are we entering it!



Within that same week, China got its first snowfall of the New Year last Wednesday, affecting traffic in areas all over; as of Saturday afternoon, 13 sections of expressways in Jiangsu Province were closed due to wet and slippery conditions.


Meanwhile in neighboring Anhui Province, 51 scenic spots in nine cities were also closed due to safety concerns.


The worst snowstorms since 2008, this latest bout of severe winter weather has resulted in 13 deaths and caused indirect economic losses of 1.26 billion yuan (US$190 million) and 790 million yuan of losses in crops.


In addition to Anhui and Jiangsu, the provinces of Henan, Hubei, Hunan and Shaanxi in central and northern China have all been dealing with heavy snow this past week.


Pay attention to the cold wave alert if you have a plan to go out!



Editor: Season Yao