Burger King, Carrefour And Disney Among Food Safety Violators

Among others, Burger King, Carrefour and South Memory have been found in violation of the city food and market ordinances.


The Xinzhuang branch of Burger King was given a warning by the food watchdog after a whistle blower found cockroaches in the kitchen in May, officials with the Minhang District Administration for Market Regulation said.


The restaurant has since been thoroughly cleaned based on the orders of authorities and staff have been given extra training, mitigating the violation, and resulting, therefore, in only a warning.


The Huaihai Rd M. No.2 outlet of Hong Kong-style chain restaurant Chalisi was also warned after mice were spotted at its kitchen via video surveillance. Officials also found damage to the ceilings of the restaurant, Xuhui District Administration for Market Regulation said.


Shanghai Dingzhen Food Co Ltd affiliated to Taiwan’s Ting Hsin International Group was fined 415,117 yuan (US$59,000) by Jiading District Administration for Market Regulation for excessive bacteria in food supplied to FamilyMart outlets citywide. More than 5,800 of the offending bento boxes were sold.


The Jing’an District No. 2 branch of Freshippo was fined 50,000 yuan for shrimp that failed tests for excessive cadmium. Long-term intake of cadmium can lead to kidney and bone damage.


The Hongkou outlet of Hunan restaurant chain South Memory was fined 10,000 yuan after tests found its corn juice had excessive bacterial colonies.


Shanghai Wang Bao He Hotel was fined 55,000 yuan for selling osmanthus sugar rice cakes with fabricated production dates. The rice cakes were found to have mould and excessive bacterial colonies.


The Nianjiabang Road outlet of Mystic South-Yunnan Ethnic Cuisine chain restaurant in the Pudong New Area was fined 10,000 yuan and had 8,000 yuan of illegal gains confiscated for operating after its catering service license had expired.


The Xinzhuang outlet of Carrefour was fined 50,000 yuan for selling expired cakes.


The operator of Shanghai Disney Resort was given a warning for negligent management of its catering service provider, Shanghai Wangyege Catering Management Co Ltd, which provided expired food. The expired ingredients had not been used, and no illegal profit was produced.


Source: SHINE