Catch A Movie In The Park!

What are you going to do in these pleasantly cool summer days? Simply browse your cell phone or snack on delicacies? Why not enjoy an open-air movie! According to the Municipal Green and Urban Appearance Bureau, a variety of domestic and international blockbusters will come one after another, promising you with a grand audio-visual feast!


There will be over 200 screenings this summer. Citizens in all 16 districts in Shanghai can enjoy themselves in various parks like Square Park (Bo’Ai Yuan) in Huangpu District, Jing’An Park or City Green Land in Jing’An District, or Xiangyang Park in Xuhui District.


  Square Park (Huangpu District)


Jing’An Park (Jing’An District)


City Green Land  (Jing’An District)


Xiangyang Park (Xuhui District)


In these open-air projection sites, citizens can enjoy the latest blockbusters like the Wandering Earth and Operation Mekong, as well as many classic films such as Visitors On The Icy Mountain. A great many excellent international works like Wonder and Assassin’s Creed are also on the agenda.


The Wandering Earth


Operation Mekong


Visitors On The Icy Mountain




Assassin’s Creed


The screenings will last from July to September. Citizens can appreciate them at dusk as a pleasant leisure activity. Kindly notice that, there shall be mosquitoes in open air parks, so it is wise to bring some insect repellent to avoid bites!


Editor: Cong Cong

Source: Shanghai Fa Bu