Century-Old Building Begins 50m Journey This Friday

A 3-story, 116-year oild building in Yangpu district is set to be slowly, painstakingly moved 50 meters to accommodate construction of a new subterranean tunnel.



104 Jiangpu lu is one of the oldest residential lane houses in Shanghai, and the main building of a housing block, and will be moved 50 meters from where it currently stands.



The subterranean tunnel, which will pass under the Huangpu River, will be constructed directly under the building – or at least where the building is currently located. To work underneath the century-old building would damage a city landmark, so moving it was the choice to be made in this case.



When tunnel construction is complete in 2021, 104 Jiangpu lu will be moved back to its original spot. Relocation work begins this Friday, and will be the largest wood-and-brick building so far relocated in Shanghai. The move – mere inches every day – is set to finish in mid-January.



The three-story block was one of 28 built in 1902 by the Japanese firm Mitsui Bussan Kaisha to accommodate its senior clerks. It is the last of the buildings still standing.



Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan