Cherishing The Last Of Autumn

The falling leaves of autumn suit the traditional Chinese architecture well. It is time for you to visit two ancient gardens located in Jiading District.



  • Guyi Garden


One of the most popular sights in the garden is the hundreds-of-years-old ginkgo tree. The fantastic color and shape of the leaves decorate the garden’s Wan’an Tower, forming a magnificent view.



You may also enjoy the lovely chrysanthemums along the paths, maple trees along the Yuanyang River and all kinds of plants in the garden. Guyi Garden has kept the fallen leaves in several areas so that visitors could better experience the autumn view of the garden.



Address: Lane no.218, Huyi Highway, Jiading District

Ticket: RMB 12

Tel: 021-59122225

Transportation: Metro Line 11 Nanxiang Station



  • Qiuxia Garden

Another garden worth visiting in Jiading District is the Qiuxia Garden. It has a name that fits this season, as “qiuxia” means the autumn glow in Chinese.



The garden is the most well-preserved garden with the longest history in Shanghai. Autumn is exactly the time for you to pay a visit.



The yellow leaves of the gingko trees, the red leaves of the maple trees, as well as the as the green leaves of the cedars together create a dramatic painting. From now to mid-December is the perfect period for you to visit the garden!



Address: Lane no.314, East Street, Jiading District

Opening Hours: 8:00-16:30

Tel: 021-59531949

Ticket: RMB 10

Transportation: Metro line 11 North Jiading Station



Now make like Humpty Dumpty and have a great fall!



Editor: Lily