Cherishing What Is Most Precious

Do you have regrets in your life? Do you have dreams that you have to give up? Your mistakes and imperfections might be healed here at the China’s first Lost & Found Museum in Shanghai.



The museum has been divided into 9 spaces with 52 pieces from 10 Chinese artists. Each of them presents the consequences of drunk driving.



10 artists each have used different art forms such as installations, photographs, videos and live performances to illustrate a miserable future for the visitors.


Zhoujie Zhang, The Path of Hallucination, Stainless steel sculpture


Clickclick, The Bluest Blue, Multimedia installation


Méng, Remind myself, Installation


Liu Shuang, Light Cosmos No.7, Installation


MOUNTAIN RIVER JUMP!,Future Detector, Double-channel divination video installation


Liu Yanan, The Forking Paths, Performance


ARTEMIS @,Lost & Found Pool, Installation


Time, youth, money and a bright future are regarded as lost items in people’s daily life. If you want to have them, then NO DRUNK DRIVING.


The exhibit lasts for only 8 days, from Oct 17th to 24th. Make sure you don’t miss it.


Lost & Found Museum



Address:No 1649, West Nanjing Road

Ticket Price: Free


Editor: Bonnie Lu