China Adds More National Trails To Boost Forest Tourism

China has added three woodland walks to its list of national trails to enhance the travel experience of outdoor enthusiasts and further stimulate forest tourism.


Initiated in 2017 as a major infrastructure project to meet the growing demand of mountain hiking, the national trails named by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration are located in grand mountains and forest zones.


Each measuring more than 1,000 kilometers, the trails wind through forest parks, nature reserves, wetlands, geological parks and ancient villages, better connect various scenic spots and allow walkers to submerge themselves in the country’s unique scenery.


The three new trails, about 3,466 kilometers in total length, are located in the Lesser Hinggan Mountain, Dabie Mountain and Wuling Mountain, respectively, spanning temperate mixed forests and subtropical forests.


To protect local ecosystems, officials with the administration said that the trails are mainly dirt roads or gravel tracks surrounded by natural wilderness.


The trails are also kept away from the migration routes of wild animals and the habitats of rare wild animals, they said.


China previously named nine national trails in the mountains of Qinling, Taihang, Greater Hinggan, Luoxiao, Wuyi, Tianmu, Nanling, Miaoling and Hengduanshan. The total length of the country’s 12 national trails is now more than 22,000 kilometers.


Sources: Xinhua News Agency