China To Continue Encouraging Higher Value-added Production: Official

Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei said Monday China will continue to encourage higher value-added production as it deepens reforms in science and technology.


Speaking at the ongoing China Development Forum (CDF), Miao warned of the pressing need for the transformation of China’s manufacturing industry, saying, “The importance of intensive breakthroughs in emerging technology groups and cross-border integration of industries is increasingly evident.”


The new direction of manufacturing industry is intelligent manufacturing, the minister remarked.


“We are experiencing a new round of global technological revolution and industrial transformation. The digitalization, networking and intelligence of the manufacturing industry are the new trend.”



“For Chinese manufacturing, the key to achieving high-quality development lies in whether we can complete the fundamental transformation of innovation-driven development,” Miao stressed.


He outlined several key aspects to advance China’s industrial upgrade, firstly by enhancing innovation capacity.


“In this regard, we still have a long way to go. So we should further deepen reforms in science and technology as well as deploy innovation chain around the industrial chain. That will improve the ability of technological innovation to support the development of industry,” he noted.


He also called for speeding up industrial restructuring, advancing integration between the manufacturing and modern services industry, and creating a favorable environment.


Source: CGTN