Chinese Captain Sully Speaks After Rescue

China now has its own Captain Sully!


Captain Liu Chuanjian has gone viral for pulling off a safe landing after a cockpit window blew out. He managed to get the Sichuan Airlines passenger aircraft down safely, with only a co-pilot and flight attendant sustaining injuries.



The Airbus 319, flight number 3U8633 from Chongqing to Lhasa in Tibet Autonomous Region, made an emergency landing in Chengdu, Sichuan Province around 7:40am after flying for over an hour.



The window break led to the co-pilot suffering from an injury to his ear for which he has been hospitalized. Sichuan TV Station has reported the injury as being “serious,” although the extent of his injuries haven’t yet been confirmed by the airline or the CAAC.



The plane landed without incident at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. The following flight to Lhasa has been canceled and a thorough investigation is currently underway, the administration said.


Editor: Zou Xin/Xiaomeng(Intern)