China’s First Deaf Movie Festival

Zhen Xiaosan is bringing the beauty of movies to the deaf.



His 2018 Shanghai Movie Festival for the Deaf has humble beginnings, just a 40 sqm room with 20 people in it, but as China’s first ever movie festival of its kind, it has an important role in extending a cultural bridge out to the deaf.



Zhen has walked a long road to become an auteur. He started out in Henan Province working as a plumber, only leaving for Shanghai six years ago. He found he had a passion for film during his studies, and has kept at it ever since.



More than 50 films from six countries including  China, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Austria have been shown in the festival. Professionals from film industry have also given free lectures to the hearing impaired people.



To  Zhen, the festival is not just a successful project, but also a good beginning.


Source: Knews

Editor: Bonnie Lu