China’s Returning Space Lab Poses No Risk To Earth

Chinese scientists on Monday dismissed rumors of possible dangers caused by the country’s retired space station Tiangong-1, noting that most of its components will burn up safely while re-entering earth, posing no threat to Earth.


“We’ve been keeping an eye on Tiangong-1’s movement. The space lab is expected to return to the Earth in the first half of 2018, with most of its components being burning up during the course of its re-entry. What is left of the space lab will fall into the ocean, without causing damage to the Earth’s surface,” Zhu Congpeng, chief designer of the Tiangong-2 space lab, told the Science and Technology Daily.



The remarks are China’s latest response to the rumors that the retired space station may pose an environmental threat to earth. Several Western media outlets, including CNN and The Guardian, have reported that the space lab is “out of control” and that pieces weighing up to 100 kg could fall to the surface when the space lab breaks apart.


Source: People’s Daly Online