Chinese National Legislature Decides On New Cabinet Lineup


The 13th National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s national legislature, decided on the new lineup of the State Council at the seventh plenary meeting of its first session on Monday morning.


Chinese leaders including Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji, Han Zheng and Wang Qishan attended the plenary meeting.


Nearly 3,000 NPC deputies voted to endorse vice premiers, state councilors, secretary-general of the State Council, ministers, governor of the central bank, and auditor-general, who were nominated by Premier Li Keqiang.


Among them, Han Zheng, Sun Chunlan, Hu Chunhua and Liu He were endorsed as vice premiers, while Wei Fenghe, Wang Yong, Wang Yi, Xiao Jie and Zhao Kezhi were endorsed as state councilors.


They were officially appointed after President Xi Jinping signed a presidential decree.


Legislators also voted to approve the chairpersons, vice chairpersons and members of eight special committees of the 13th NPC at the meeting.


All of them took oath of allegiance to the Constitution afterwards.


Source: Xinhua