CIIE Gears UP For Opening

CIIE’s first exhibits are finally now on the way to Shanghai.


The first batch of Italian exhibits for the 2nd CIIE has officially been shipped to Shanghai with exhibits from Vanuatu and the Czech Republic having been boxed and shipped out as well. The first exhibits are expected to arrive in Shanghai in early October. First exhibits include Italian cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, Vanuatu Cava and Czech Crystal.



In order to ensure the exhibits from all over the world arrive in Shanghai without any loss or damage, the transportation of all exhibits is individualized, such as the cold chain and food-grade containers.



For example, this first batch of exhibits from Italian companies is mainly cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and health food and needs constant temperature control during transportation. The exhibits are scheduled to arrive in Shanghai on October 10.



The exhibition area of the second CIIE expo has grown to more than 300,000 square meters, with more than 3,000 enterprises attending from more than 150 countries and regions.



Editor: VIC

Source from: Shanghai Fubu