CIIE Will Open A Bilateral China-Poland Trade Channel

Tomasz Pisula, President of the Polish Investment & Trade Agency Management Board received an interview in the series of the Global Celebrities Give CIIE the Thumbs-up.


Tomasz Pisula is very glad to see that the Chinese government has been actively expanding imports and encouraging foreign merchants to sell their products in China. This is a very good opportunity for Polish companies.


He said that Poland is one of the principal exporters in the EU. Many Polish companies are very excited about the possibility of selling things in China. Currently, 80% of Poland’s export commodities are being sold in the European market, such as Germany, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, etc. Pisula believes that Chinese customers will be very satisfied with the price and quality of these products.


According to Tomasz Pisula, Polish agricultural products, including high-standard organic products, are very competitive. Moreover, Poland’s industrial production are also very competitive. For example, Poland is one of the major manufacturing centers that export automobiles to Western Europe.


Tomasz Pisula said that the Polish Investment & Trade Agency will take the lead in organizing Polish companies to participate in the China International Import Expo. Its Shanghai office is actively working on the subject. Polish companies are enthusiastic about the expo, and up to now over 100 companies have inquired at the agency for relevant information.