City Adds Natural Touch With Hua Shan Greenland Re-opening

Good news for those who want more nature in their everyday lives! After three months of renovation, Hua Shan Greenland has re-opened to the public.



Hua Shan Greenland is located in Xu Hui District, along Hua Shan Road and Xing Fu Road. The Greenland is divided into eight parts including the bird area, bridge area and playground. In the center of the Greenland, there is a relaxation square. The whole Greenland provides local residents with a perfect place for fitness and relaxation.



As for the greening, it used to be covered with shrubs. During the renovation, more colorful flowers have been planted to give it a more colorful touch.



The new lighting defense system has 200+ lights to guarantee a safe environment for people to enjoy the Greenland in the night.



As for convenience facilities, baby-care facilities and a reading room have been prepared. It all makes for a great afternoon out with the family!



Editor: Bonnie Lu

Source: Shanghai Fa Bu